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May. 10th, 2005 @ 12:33 pm Just wanna say one thing:
Gonna go over there and kill some ppl.. It's been enough now, some servers are down again (obviously the 2 i play on too...), and not for scheduled maintenance (the one that lasts 6!!!!! hours), noooo emergency maintenance.. Right before the scheduled one.. Jees, DT of about 10 hours.. Horrible server-stability they got, GLADIE, FIX IT!!!!!! :p
On the other hand, this gives me an excuse to do school work, lol. Should be doing it anyway..
This evening i'm going swimming with Marlou. Gonna be fun, yey:)
Now off studying " Nieuw erfrecht" en "stille cessie". Jippie..:s

(ok, said more then one thing...)
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